We are proud to announce and be in possession of a revolutionary toolkit that allows us to import any medical image - CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and create a 3-dimensional image of these. This allows us to manipulate and move to image to check for any blockages (cardio-vascular), check organs as well as importing sonogram images of pregnant women.

In addition, these 3-dimensional images can be printed in 3D. Imagine having a 3-dimensional images of your baby prior to it's birth.

The toolkit for efficient and effective analysis and presentation of 3D medical volumetric data.

-3D and 4D volumetric data

-Quantification and visualization

-Segmentation for 3D printing

-Seamless integration between 2D and 3D interfaces

-Multimodality imaging

-CT, MRI, Ultrasound

Next Steps...

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