Shan Tung Wang – Homeopathic Specialist

Shan Tung Wang

Homeopathic Specialist



  • Graduated in 2007 as a Classical Acupuncturist, Specializing in Neurology and Auriculo Acupuncture (Ear Acupuncture) at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy in Utrecht. 
  • Graduated bioresonance therapist, Avanced Therapist Nutrition Allergy (NAET + Total Reset Method),
  • Studied Orthomolecular Nutritionist at the Ortho Institute

Work Experience

Mr Wang is working with Chinese and Western herbs, and classical homeopathic agents. In his private practice he also works with the bio-photon device. He is currently in training for classical homeopathy. Has been the owner of 2 homeopathic pharmacies over the years, which he stopped in 2016. Currently he works in his practice as a Lymetherapist, dietary allergy therapist and product trainer at Pharma Nord. He gives lectures on Lyme disease and nutrition allergy and blog on his facebook page (