Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I book an appointment?

Simply email us at:

Is the clinic wheelchair accessible?

Yes of course, our clinic is fully wheelchair accessible, including the car park. Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our staff for help.

How do I get to the Marbella Lyme Clinic?

You can find our address on this page. We are located next to the Las Dunas Hotel in Estepona

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Yes you can. We understand that a lot of information is discussed during the consultation, and therefore bringing a family member, partner or friend can be useful to remember the information or to ask additional questions you may have.

Do you take health insurance cards?

No, we are a private medical clinic. Should you wish to claim funds from your insurance company, you will be asked to do so individually.

How much does it cost to get treated at the Marbella Lyme Clinic?

This is dependent on your treatment. As every patient is unique, so is their treatment. Treatment plans are created based on the stage of the disease, the duration of the disease and the symptoms shown.

Do any of the staff members speak multiple languages?

Yes, we are able to support in you in an array of languages including: English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French

What if I cannot make my appointment time?

If you are unable to make your appointment, please call reception to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before. Any later will incur consultation charges.

Will the results from my previous Lyme tests be accepted?

This would have to be discussed with our Lyme specialist to see if the tests conducted are to the highest standards. Additionally, recent tests give the most accurate indication of your currently situation, allowing our specialists to provide you with the best course of treatment.

What if I need treatment for a long period of time? Do you provide accommodation?

We understand that many of our patients are coming from abroad, we have multiple apartments available for rent for the duration of your treatment. Should you wish to bring your family, this option would be a perfect long term solution during your treatment. Additionally, we are located next to the Las Dunas Hotel - a fantastic 5* hotel available at great rates.